Saturday, 20 March 2010

New beginning.

Think of me as a spark.
A beginning of a fire that will add light
And not take away life.
Nourish me when I come, held close to your heart.
Let me listen to your life beat,
Let me find solace and peace
And my own, soft body before I leave yours.

Think of me as a spark.
Do not fear me when I come.
I represent a change you cannot foresee.
I bring fears and anxiety to your surface,
I start such emotions and passion in your chest,
I mirror failings and breaks in your eyes.
An uncertainty in self follows me.
But I bring a warmth you cannot foretell.

Your eyes will look into mine
And your delicacy will scare me.

I’ll think of you as a spark.
The start of a new thread,
tied tight to a still-green, freshly constructed loom.
I am used to my own tapestry;
the colours are familiar and comforting.
And by then so pleased with my recent addition;
The pattern intertwining so deeply with mine.
I will grow accustomed to your shade;
The shiny-bright new beauty born from my own hue.

I’ll think of you as a spark.
A beginning of a fire that will add light
And bring me such warmth.
I will nourish you when you come, held close to my heart,
And when I meet you
Your eyes will look into mine
And your delicacy will scare me.
But I promise not to look away.

Friday, 12 March 2010


Fumble furtive strumpet.
Your costume cannot hide your heart.
Like a cup-full of wine it overflows
As they tear your halves apart.

In a turquoise dress of silky cloth
Mist veils they can see through.
Maskless, the mirror shows a face
That killed off all those who knew.

Girl, your skill is nonpareil.
Your inheritance: fame and pride.
Your next one waits in a magenta motor-coach,
As in fern-curled hands you hide.

(I'm not that impressed with this one - done in a hurry and it shows. It feels too empty.)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Charon by H. Koppdelaney

I passed you along the way.
Despite your tired face
and lined hands
you still walk this road.
Slow and steady,
your pack upon your back.

Would you not like to rest?
Watch your step, my dear.
Do not let yourself fall.
Mind out for the
overtaking traveller along the way.
Ah, no, you cannot stop
me leaving you behind.
Don’t fret, my love.
I will lay you out on the cold ground.

Your hands uncurled and unfurled.
Your body lay back with a relief
that released your muscles
and let your limbs relax.
Your bag lies discarded and forgotten.

Ah, my dear, I can make you forget
this pain and this hurt and this ache.
I can take your hand
and pass you up,
or pass you down.
Whichever way you go after this,
my dear, I am your turning point.
You sink as you fall.
You let go and your eyes close.
I shall embrace you.
Let me kiss you away.
No, do not fear, my love,
I come to everyone.
This may only be a beginning.
You are laid out on the cold ground.

I passed you along the way.
I cannot rest;
I am the only one
that keeps walking
along this road called time.
And I leave all behind me.