Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Narrative wallpaper.

"Another Pennsylvania sunset
backed down the local mountain
spraying the colors of a streetfighter’s face
onto the narrative wallpaper of a boy’s bedroom"

From “The Homeowner’s Prayer,” David Berman


Soft yielding.
Palms flat against gentle padding.
Body curved in a foetal comfort.
Shift and the sheets tangle and strangle.

Can you see what I see,
drifting a frozen finger across my chaotic walls.
Under its touch the eyes of my people
twinkle and smile. They watch my hands.
Tap and stroke. Twitch and stretch.

Heavy warmth.
Feet tucked in rough blankets.
Weight sunk into enclosing layers.
Sigh and the breath clouds and shimmers.

I see her light
flight and flow along my beloveds.
I watch them blink and laugh,
pose and dance. A story for each face.
Brought to life, my narrative wallpaper.


  1. What we see from the comfort of a bed! And they twinkle and smile, pose and dance; a beautifully animated wallpaper!

  2. I enjoyed this one a lot! Good writing.

  3. Very nice writing indeed!


  4. interesting words...especially like frozen finger across my chaotic walls...keep up your writing...thanks for sharing

  5. "Soft yielding" was a great way to start this nestled vision.

  6. the eyes of my people - a lovely phrase. One that sticks and tells. Lovely, indeed.